4th CERB Forum & Global Educational Resource Expo

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    Suzhou, Jiangsu

The 4th International School Industry Conference and Educational Resources Expo took place 14 - 16 October 2020 and was held at Suzhou Jinji Lake Kempinski Hotel. Eurus representatives attended this conference as one of the key events in the annual conference calendar.


The theme of this year's conference and the education resource expo was "keeping the spirit of Chinese education, integration between Chinese and international education, and opening up new opportunities". The topics discussed focused on leadership and operations management, international early childhood education, student core competencies, curriculum, resources and evaluation, international education investment and financing and imagining the schools of the future. The conference was attended by more than 100 domestic and international top education experts and industry practitioners who shared their experience in international school management, teaching, recruitment, curriculum design and investment and financing. More than a thousand international school principals took part to discuss the international education industry future trends and to pave a new path towards China's education modernization with a new attitude.


Speaker: Sun Xiaobing

The Executive Chairman of China Educational Development Strategy Society and former director of the Policy and Regulation Department of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Sun Xiaobing, delivered a keynote speech titled "The New Form, Countermeasures and Positioning of China's International Education". President Sun shared the current and future trends of China's international education from three angles: the international education policy perspectives and development, challenges faced by the country's international education sector, and the countermeasures needed to promote the development of China's international education.


Another important theme of this annual conference concerned women in leadership at international schools. In the context of global innovation and development, women have become an important force in promoting political, cultural, economic and educational progress. Female leaders have brought in new approaches to leadership, drive and passion for the future. The international school industry’s growth is inseparable from women’s participation. From front-line teachers to senior managers, from teaching and administrative affairs to logistics management, more and more women with cross-cultural backgrounds and diverse knowledge structures play key roles in various departments of schools, bringing innovation and vitality to the development of the entire industry.


Speaker: Ling Jingzi

The Secretary of the Board of Directors and Executive Principal of Qinglanshan School, Ms. Lin Jingzi, delivered a keynote speech on "Approaches and Practices of Talent Management at International Schools".

During the conference’s human resources fair,  Eurus’ representatives spoke with principals and HR leaders of many international and bilingual schools and found that more and more schools not only focus on the candidate qualifications during their recruiting process but also pay increasingly more attention to professional skills and expertise. The schools also spend more time to assess a candidate’s personal qualities, motivation and future career goals compared to the past. As a recruitment consultancy focusing on education recruitment for K-12 bilingual and international schools, Eurus provides efficient and accurate candidate recommendations and the necessary career guidance for our candidates with a long-term perspective in mind. Eurus makes career development and training suggestions to help our candidates get a better understanding of the skills and expertise needed to fit in with the needs of the international schools.