Invoice Process


Update date: 2023.02.01

Version number: February 2023


After recharging E coins or purchasing value-added services on the Eurus platform, if necessary, users shall have the right to request the Eurus platform to obtain vouchers of relevant services, such as VAT ordinary / special invoices. 

Article 1: How to obtain the invoice 

1. Users should submit the invoice application in "Personal Center / Enterprise Center-Account Management- -Asset Management- -Invoice Management- -Invoice", and fill in the invoice information correctly.

2. After the user submits the billing application, Eurus will complete the review as soon as possible, and normally it will be completed within 15 working days. If special circumstances need to extend the period (such as audit rejection, express information, etc.), Eurus customer service will inform the user in time. Users can also view the billing progress in the Eurus official website, "Personal Center / Enterprise Center-Account Management-Asset Management- -Invoice Management-Invoice History".

3. If the user needs electronic invoice of VAT general invoice, Eurus will issue electronic invoice for the user according to the user order and invoice application and send it to the email reserved on the website; if the user needs to issue paper invoice of VAT general invoice or special ordinary VAT invoice, please contact Euro customer service for acquisition.


Article 2: How to set up the invoice information

1. If the user issues a personal VAT invoice: the invoice is the individual; the taxpayer identification number is not required to fill in.

2. If the user issues a general VAT invoice: the invoice title is the name of the company; the taxpayer identification number is the number of the user company, which is generally 15 digits, please check carefully and enter the invoice details.

3. If the user issues a special VAT invoice, the user shall input the following VAT special invoice information when placing an order:

The name of the unit (the default is the full name on the business license of the filing company);

Taxpayer identification number (it must be the number of the user company's "Tax Registration Certificate", generally for 15 digits, please check it carefully and input it later);

Registered address (must be the registered address on the business license of the user company);

Telephone number (please provide a valid telephone number to keep in contact with the user's company);

Bank (the default is the bank on the user company bank opening license);

Bank account number (default is the bank account on the user's account license).


Article 3 Time limit of invoice issuing

Users can submit the billing application after completing the payment on the service order page (within 180 days).


Article 4 Content and amount of invoice issued

1. The invoice content is generally the subject and price of value-added services.

2. The invoice amount is the actual amount paid by the user, excluding the discount amount such as coupons and full discount red envelope. The user should not require Euro to invoice for the discount amount and refund amount.

3. A single order can be issued for a single invoice, and multiple orders can be combined to issue one invoice.


Article 5 Paper invoice

If the user issues a paper invoice and needs to mail it, the user also needs to send an email to Eurus customer service to provide the recipient's name, mobile phone number and delivery address. Eulus will send it in the form of SF Express, and Eulus customer service will feedback the user to the express order number, and ask users to check it.


Article 6 Matters needing attention

1. Eurus will issue the VAT special invoice according to the information input by the user. If the authentication affects, Eurus will not accept the requirement of reissuing the VAT special invoice, please carefully check the invoice information; the recipient of the user's mobile phone number, avoid affecting the timeliness of company number; one account can only be associated with one VAT special invoice. Please ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the relevant information. Euro will issue the special VAT invoice according to the information provided by the user. If the invoice is not issued incorrectly due to incorrect filling, the user will fail to deduct the account in time, which will lead to tax loss.

2. Submit the invoice application without special reasons. Please guarantee that the information is provided to avoid unnecessary disputes.

3. Euro has the right to refuse to reissue the invoice after successful invoice issuing. You can contact the customer service to provide the paper invoice photo of successful invoice issuing.

4.If there is a refund situation after the user issues the invoice, the user shall return the invoice within 10 working days after proposing the refund, and Eurus will complete the refund after receiving the invoice verification. If the user does not return the invoice, the user shall bear the tax loss (if any) caused by the loss of the original invoice according to the actual situation.