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ECIS Child Safeguarding Course

ECIS Child Safeguarding Course Education Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) Safe Guarding training Child safety & protection are important factors when schools are recruiting teachers. In addition to conducting background checks on candidates, schools are becoming more vigilant and prefer teachers to have awareness and comprehensive safety knowledge and methods to protect students which is a schools main priority. As a result, it is important for teachers to receive formal ...

Bridge Education TEFL/TESOL Courses

Bridge TEFL(TEFL/TESOL certificate) If you wish to teach English in a bilingual/international school you usually need one of below certifications: TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a certificate for teaching non-native English speakers. TEFL certification training and certificate issuance is mainly for foreign language teachers. TEFL is often used for ESL teacher training in the United Kingdom; TESOL is more commonly used for teacher training in the United States, Canada and ...

Award in Education and Training (AET)

Award in Education and Training (AET) & Developing Teacher Course The background of the qualification and course: The course itself comprises of two key elements; The teaching award qualification (AET) and the supplementary ‘Developing Teacher’ course modules which are designed to raise the understanding and practice of all training teachers (the developing teacher element can also be offered separately to the qualification- see PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SECTION. The teac...

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