Company Introduction

Eurus is a one-stop recruitment platform focusing on education recruitment, consultancy and career development services. Since entering the China market in 2018, we have provided professional headhunting services by recruiting countless excellent teachers and servicing more than 100 bilingual/international schools. We pride ourselves in being different from traditional headhunting companies. In addition to supporting job seekers in finding their next employment through our job board or by headhunting, we are committed to providing professional career planning support and advice to education industry professionals at different stages of their careers.


Recruitment Service

Eurus’ recruitment platform is designed to build a seamless connection between the job seekers and recruiters.

The job seekers can browse and apply for vacancies directly on the website job board and view their progress feedback in real time. We have a number of additional services for those candidates who are looking to improve their chances of getting an interview or are looking for professional advice regarding their career in education, such as CV optimization service, career planning consultation and interview practice sessions.

At the same time, Eurus, as a professional recruitment company, collaborates closely with a large network of schools and draws from a highly targeted talent pool. We provide professional headhunting and recruitment services for high-end, executive positions and for difficult to hire roles by building a bridge between schools, education vendors and the candidates. Our focus is on efficient and accurate communication to greatly increase the number of suitable candidates for your vacancies. From the candidate resume screening, talent recommendations, scheduling interviews to negotiating job offers and assisting onboarding, our professional consultants will take care of each step along the way.


Learning Centre

As a company specializing in the education sector and supporting educators throughout their careers; one of our proudest features is the Learning Centre. The Learning Centre is designed for individual users and companies to share a wide variety of materials and courses related to the education industry with their audience. This is an opportunity to create a strong personal brand, share expertise, get noticed by potential future employers and have access to an increased number of professional and financial opportunities.

The goal of the ‘Learning Centre’ is to create a space where educators can access great quality teaching and career development resources, learn about industry developments and the newest events, and get connected with education organisations and key opinion leaders.


School-Enterprise Directory

To better facilitate information exchange and resource sharing, Eurus has launched a School-Enterprise Directory. The Directory is designed to support schools, teacher training providers and education industry vendors in connecting with their target audience and increasing brand visibility.

Our goal is to provide a platform for schools to share their story and philosophy with future employees, students and partners. Similarly, we aim to support businesses by giving them space to share their products, offers and services and to get noticed within the education industry. The Directory allows enterprises to engage with their audience through visual media, engaging introductions and featured vacancies. Resource sharing is a powerful way for enterprises to strengthen their positions as industry leaders. The education industry professionals, who make up the bulk of our audience, will be able to engage with the materials and learning videos you post as a stepping stone in getting to know your business and brand.