Teacher Training Provider Partnerships

An important part of what Eurus offers to educators is professional career development advice. We are frequently faced with enquiries regarding teacher training and, at the same time, are aware of the wealth of organizations looking to connect with our audience. This connection has naturally allowed us to become a window of communication between training providers and educators, both local and international. It has also enabled us to become a one-stop solution for providers within the education industry and offer a number of advertising solutions to connect training providers with their target audience.


Providers we are looking to partner with:

Professionally accredited local or international K-12, further education or vocational training providers.

Accepted training delivery types:

Online, Offline, Webinars

Training focus:

Teacher training, including curriculum training, initial teacher training, methodology and teaching skills, degrees and professional certifications.


Training target audience

Professionals within the education industry and talents eager to enter the education industry.


School – Enterprise Directory Listing

Any education organizations, training providers or vendors delivering services within the education industry can create a free Eurus directory page to share their organisation’s details with a wider audience.

The enterprise details page will appear as a listing in our School-Enterprise Directory, making it easy for any potential customers to connect with the services they are interested in. The enterprise listing allows businesses to share a comprehensive enterprise introduction, feature vacancies, promote events and build an engaged audience.

At the same time, following enterprise account verification, the registered organisations will have access to resource sharing, such as posting teaching videos, lesson plans and any other learning materials through the Learning Centre. Resource sharing is a great way to further enhance brand exposure and connect with target audience.


Sponsored Advertising Solutions

We offer a number of advertising solutions aimed at education organisations and training providers seeking to enhance their brand exposure. The solutions we provide include targeted advertising through our website, social media platforms and newsletters. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our consultant will advise you on the best product package based on your requirements and budget.


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