Become an expert on Eurus’ platform

Expertise sharing between professionals in similar fields supports personal growth and professional development; however, there is a lack of collaboration platforms and opportunities to share resources within the education industry. To address this gap, Eurus has launched a ‘Learning Centre’ for educators. The ‘Learning Centre’ is a resource sharing platform created to facilitate easier access to online learning, teaching resources and industry information.

Whether you are an experienced school teacher, a school leader, or an HR manager, we hope to provide you with a platform to share your teaching videos or materials, demonstrate expertise, and exchange resources with others. Depending on your personal goals you may choose to share free or paid resources. Regardless of what you choose, this is a great opportunity to share your work with a wider audience and contribute to improving access to good quality education resources.


Knowledge Sharing

We want to enable as many educators as possible to access our platform and share their expertise; however, we do have a few requirements in place to ensure the quality of the resources shared.

The courses and resources accessible inside the Learning Centre are posted and managed through a ‘Knowledge Store’. The ‘Knowledge Store’ is found in the personal centre and allows users to post and manage resources. To access this feature, you will need to complete a user account verification process. This will require real time name authentication and copies of any relevant professional credentials. For example, if you are an expert in education, you will need to upload your teaching qualification; if you are looking to share career development advice, you should upload an HR qualification or another relevant certificate.

As soon as your user account is verified, you will be able to access the ‘Knowledge Store’ and begin sharing resources.


 Become a guest lecturer

Since 2020, Eurus has been inviting a number of industry experts to hold online webinars, attracting overwhelmingly positive feedback from the lecturers and participants.

If you are a senior teacher with more than ten years of experience, a senior expert in a specific education related field, or a school administrator, we would like to invite you to become our guest lecturer and share your expertise directly with a live audience. If necessary, Eurus can create break out rooms for smaller sharing sessions to enable participants to have more intimate discussions and meaningful interactions.

Any recorded videos and handout materials can be uploaded onto our resource sharing platform for more people to watch and download over a longer period of time.


Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a guest lecturer, please send your resume to the email address below or scan the QR code below to add our consultant on WeChat for more details: