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    Child Safeguarding Course by Educare

    Educare Child Safeguarding Courses Educare is another training partner specially selected by Eurus t provide online courses for teachers. EduCare is a market-leading provider of high-quality, concise and easy-to-use safeguarding and duty of care e-learning service. Educare have helped provide essential duty of care and safeguarding knowledge to over 4 million people, creating a safer environment for children, young people and adults at risk. With over 2,000 EduCare courses c...

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    ECIS Child Safeguarding Course

    ECIS Child Safeguarding Course Education Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) Safe Guarding training Child safety & protection are important factors when schools are recruiting teachers. In addition to conducting background checks on candidates, schools are becoming more vigilant and prefer teachers to have awareness and comprehensive safety knowledge and methods to protect students which is a schools main priority. As a result, it is important for teachers to receive formal ...