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    Language Link CELTA Courses

    CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) The CELTA exam requires higher language level. Generally speaking, native speakers of English are required, or the language level is close to native English speakers. For those with little or no teaching experience, CELTA is the primary qualification for entering the field of English teaching. The CELTA certificate belongs to the advanced category of the TESOL certificate system. It is not only a teacher qualification certificate suit...

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    Bridge Education TEFL/TESOL Courses

    Bridge TEFL(TEFL/TESOL certificate) If you wish to teach English in a bilingual/international school you usually need one of below certifications: TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a certificate for teaching non-native English speakers. TEFL certification training and certificate issuance is mainly for foreign language teachers. TEFL is often used for ESL teacher training in the United Kingdom; TESOL is more commonly used for teacher training in the United States, Canada and ...