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    iPGCE (University of Buckingham)

    iPGCE by University of Buckingham The Postgraduate Certificate in Education is a British qualification to become a teacher. Thousands of teachers around the world take online international iPGCE course each year. To take the iPGCE you must already be working in a school and the school may need to meet certain criteria. Eurus has a unique partnership with Buckingham University, London, to provide teacher training for teachers in China. The University of Buckingham recently launched their Sc...

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    Chinese Teacher Certification Preparation Course

    China Teacher Certification The teacher certificate is now a mandatory requirement for all Chinese citizens who wish to become teachers. It is a license for teachers or practitioners in the education industry and is an entry level condition for teachers to apply for jobs in schools. If you do not already hold a teacher certificate, we advise you to obtain one. We can recommend a suitable vendor who can help you to prepare the course work and complete the exam. TG Online teacher certifi...