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iPGCE by University of Buckingham

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education is a British qualification to become a teacher. Thousands of teachers around the world take online international iPGCE course each year. To take the iPGCE you must already be working in a school and the school may need to meet certain criteria.

Eurus has a unique partnership with Buckingham University, London, to provide teacher training for teachers in China. The University of Buckingham recently launched their School of Education in China at a launch event held at HM British Embassy's Residence in Beijing. The university plans to launch a specialized bilingual PGCE course for Chinese teachers, a customized course to meet the needs of schools in China. The first batch of students is expected to begin in September 2020.

The Buckingham University already successfully offers the PGCE/iPGCE mentioned above. It is a 37-week school-based course, during which time trainee teachers work under the guidance of a mentor (appointed by the school in which they work) and receive weekly tutorials to review progress and set targets. It is available in most subjects to all levels. The university employ external examiners to quality assure the qualification.

Please see university website for more details.:

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