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China Teacher Certification

The teacher certificate is now a mandatory requirement for all Chinese citizens who wish to become teachers. It is a license for teachers or practitioners in the education industry and is an entry level condition for teachers to apply for jobs in schools.

If you do not already hold a teacher certificate, we advise you to obtain one. We can recommend a suitable vendor who can help you to prepare the course work and complete the exam.

TG Online teacher certification School:

TG Online School is one of the training partners carefully selected by Eurus. It is a company under the CUHK Talent (Beijing) Online Education Technology Co., Ltd. It is an information portal and online learning platform for online vocational education and they are operating as am established company for more than 10 years. The online school has a domestic advanced teaching content R & D and production team dedicated to multi-level knowledge-learning to provide professional, intelligent and scientific online study services. Their offerings include professional teacher certification online courses, exam outline, tutoring materials, mock test questions and online mock exams.

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