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ECIS Child Safeguarding Course

Education Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) Safe Guarding training

Child safety & protection are important factors when schools are recruiting teachers. In addition to conducting background checks on candidates, schools are becoming more vigilant and prefer teachers to have awareness and comprehensive safety knowledge and methods to protect students which is a schools main priority. As a result, it is important for teachers to receive formal training in Child Protection and Safeguarding. Learn about child protection courses through Eurus' leading training partners. These short course are online, easy to navigate and can be taken in Chinese.

ECIS is a selected safe guarding training provider by Eurus; ECIS believe that establishing a successful “ safe guarding culture” in a school results from professional learning that includes everyone who works in or for a school---from teaching staff through school leadership and governing stakeholders. Understanding and applying the best safeguarding practices and behaviors is not for teachers alone; nor for trustees or governors alone. A vibrant and effective child safeguarding culture is a community responsibility. Each group of stakeholders must feel confident that all adults in the system are playing a vital role in ensuring a safeguarding culture.

This certificate programmed in child safeguarding is designed, therefore, around this principle of community responsibility. As a participant in our program, you will learn how the recruitment and on-boarding of new staff, the creation and implementation of policies and procedures, and the oversight of school leadership and the associated governing body are interconnected and mutually reinforcing areas of building a safeguarding culture. We assess your understanding with case studies throughout the module because we want to ensure that, no matter how you identify yourself as a stakeholder in your community, you understand how the pieces are connected, so that you may rest assured that your school is building the best child safeguarding culture that it can .

Notable Features:

  • Can be taken in Chinese.
  • Certificate upon completion.
  • Online course is mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly: you can use any device to take the course!
  • Highly interactive quizzes to check for comprehension, with immediate feedback.
  • Tailored courses for different types of staff members

Safeguarding course type:

Child protection (for Teaching staff)

Time required:

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete this interactive course, the course is passed and a certificate issued if you score 70% or more in the final assessment. If you fail to score 70% you can retake the course for free.

Each certificate training course is £ 40 (about RMB 345) and takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

This course is available in Chinese, and Eurus enjoys a discounted price. If the teacher enters the "eurusecis5" code in the "Enter Coupon" box, the applicant will get a 5% discount. This is a unique training partner for Eurus registered teachers. Offer, click the link to learn more:

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