Chinese English

Specialist Recruitment in Chinese Education

Becoming a teacher is a rewarding and fulfilling career path. But, as with all paths, the journey can take many turns, depending on which direction you chose to follow.
We are a teacher recruitment consultancy, specialising in advising and placing teachers into international and bilingual schools across China.  We know how important it is to find the right school that will take your career in the direction you aspire to.

Either you have just started your journey to becoming a teacher or are well under way; we are here to support you with finding your next teaching job and to provide personalised advice along the way. Applying for international schools is a competitive process and we want to help you to ensure your application has the best chance to succeed.

Who can we help?

  • International teachers with a teaching license. 
  • English Second Language teachers holding a passport from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, USA or South Africa. 
  • Qualified bilingual teachers (proficient in Mandarin and English) looking to work for bilingual and international private schools.