Chinese English

Training Centres

It would not be an exaggeration to state there are thousands of English Language training centres across China, dozens in every city. The ever-increasing demand for English training means that the training centres are hiring all year round and present a great opportunity for fresh graduates as they do not require any previous teaching experience.

The focus here is on the after-class teaching, class sizes are kept small and the centre may or may not provide curriculum to follow. It is essential to research the training centre you are interested in before accepting any offers and check with their recruiter what the class structure is like, what curriculum they apply or what books they use. Classes are typically in the afternoons and weekends offering a lot of flexibility during the day. The salaries tend to be high, however, the number of holidays is limited and teachers will usually be expected to work 40-hours per week.

Due to the visa restrictions, training centres can only provide legal working visas to teachers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, US and South Africa. All teachers must have a Bachelors degree and 120-TEFL certificate to be able to obtain a working visa. All documentation has to be attested.

It is essential to be extremely vigilant with how your visa is dealt with as there are training centres that will attempt to hire teachers under different job titles, e.g. customer service support, business manager, marketing associate, etc. based on some previous experience you have had. This is illegal and could present complications down the road.