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Become our Training Partner

The benefits of being Eurus training partner are huge. Eurus provides a platform for registered teachers to achieve the latest career development and skills enhancement opportunities. Our teacher database is the audience for your training courses, otherwise you will have to access this audience by using multiple marketing channels.

At Eurus, we carefully select our training partners to provide bilingual teachers with the most effective and cutting-edge training courses and content. If the professional training provided by your institution meets the professional development needs of teachers, whether it is online courses or face-to-face training courses, and you wanted to become our training partner, we sincerely invite you to contact us via the following email:

Please note that to become our partner, you need to have basic training certifications. We will review the content you provide, so please provide us with your training content materials, and provide a complete introduction to the course system and an online or offline experience class. We only cooperate with Chinese and foreign training institutions that can provide teacher skills improvement and professional English.