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With the growth of globalization, the international education industry has developed rapidly. It is expected that in China the number of international schools that use international curriculum (US, UK, Canadian, Australian, IB etc.) or teach all or a part of their subjects in English will increase by nearly 90% by 2028. At the same time the number of trained teachers in the West will only increase by up to 5%. So, where will the international teachers come from to meet the demand in China? The turnover rate of the teachers is also constantly high and present challenges to the schools. We believe that solely relying on Western teachers is not the answer and that there is a growing number of excellent bilingual Chinese teachers who can provide the solutions schools are looking for.

Who we are

Eurus is an educational recruitment consultancy, specializing in providing bilingual teacher assessment, skills enhancement, and recruitment services. Eurus has a deep understanding of each partner school. We know that requirements for teachers for different schools differs due to the different curricula and teaching methodology that they use. Thus, Eurus gets to know each of our partner schools and engages with them to find out their specific requirements. This engagement also helps us to better inform teachers who apply to our schools and go through the interview process. Knowing our schools allows us to put forward candidates who are interested and informed about the school.

Our consultants maintain close contact with the candidate during the recruitment process and our school account manager maintains contact with the school assisting with interview setup, feedback, offers and onboarding.

Our Team

Our recruitment team is made up of both Chinese and Western experts in the industry. They will provide the best possible recruitment solution for partner schools by combining effective processes and skills with thorough understanding of the Chinese teachers’ job market to accurately match candidates to schools and strive to provide teachers who are both competent for the job vacancy and meet the needs of the school.

Our Approaches

Eurus is continuously expanding multiple channels for direct recruitment of qualified personnel from locally and overseas to ensure the supply of talent is sufficient and constantly updating. When selecting candidates for schools, Eurus maintains a rigorous selection process and takes steps to ensure the safety our schools’ students seriously. We follow background checks and reference policies of each school strictly and provide support to match our schools’ recruitment process.

Contact Us

To learn more about how Eurus can work with you , please contact our customer service team for a free consultation. Please note that we will not charge any service fees to the school unless the school eventually hires our candidate after the interview.

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