Chinese English

Management Team

Eoin Mannion | CEO

Eoin comes from the heart of Ireland. Having worked for over 10 years in international education he has a deep understanding of how teachers and schools interact to form a learning community. Eoin spent 5 years in the Middle East before coming to China. During his time in Abu Dhabi he worked with government and private schools on projects including teacher recruitment and training, school setup, operations and school improvement.

Working in China with teachers and schools has broadened his understanding of international education and also given him a sense of the scale of growth in demand for provision of bilingual education to Chinese families. With this demand comes the need for supply of teachers and Eoin believes Eurus’ expert team is well placed to assist schools with their staffing needs and help teachers realize a better career path.


Anda Banks | Recruitment Director

Anda first came to China in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the country and its culture. She comes from a teaching background with four years of English Language teaching experience in China and Sudan. Teaching both younger and university aged students across China got her interested in curriculum development, as well as teacher training and recruitment. Inspired by her interest in Chinese education and language, she went on to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Chinese Studies from Oxford University.

Anda began her recruitment career in London five years ago, specialising in international recruitment for education. Now based in Beijing, her key areas of focus are recruitment operations, teacher assessment and consultations, as well as talent management.


Vicki Wang | Business Development Manager

Ms. Vicki Wang attended one of China’s earliest private schools, before progressing to a key public middle school in Beijing. Afterwards, she decided to go to the UK for further study. During her time in Britain, Ms. Wang attended a top 5 private boarding school in the UK and later completed her degree studies at the University of London. Due to her rich experience in both Chinese and Western education environments and schools of different systems, she is familiar with the industry and characteristics of international education sector, both domestically and internationally.

After returning to China, Ms. Wang worked in various positions in banking sector for 6 years and eventually became a senior project manager at an investment bank. She held that position for 3 years. During this time, Ms. Wang independently completed or participated in over 20 large investment projects (including numerous projects with well-known schools and companies). Combining her professional background in both business operation and management, Ms. Wang adapts British business style to fit the Chinese market characteristics. Right from the creation of Eurus Recruitment Consultancy, Ms. Wang was involved in building the core team, setting up the framework for different departments and assisting with the formation of business operations. Her passion for the education sector, her previous rich study and work experiences, as well as her deep understanding of the Chinese education recruitment market, means that Ms. Wang is well positioned to be the bridge between the schools and teachers.


Bilingual Teacher Recruitment Team

Ciara Lin | Recruitment Consultant

Ciara, graduated from a Normal University in China and has over ten years of working    experience in the international education field. Before she joined Eurus, her experience included working as an admissions coordinator for a UK secondary school,  a teacher recruiter and as an applications consultant. She is familiar with both, the US and UK education systems. She hopes her extensive experience will help teachers to achieve their career dreams.


Maggie Wang | Recruitment Consultant

Maggie was graduated from University of Huddersfield with bachelor degree of Education. She also holds International Certified Chinese as Second Language (in Advanced level) teacher certificate. She has a deep understanding in both Chinese and Western cultures and the differences in between. 
She has over 10 years work experience in International education sector as project manager, recruitment manager and operational manager. Her experiences in recruitment (both Chinese and International) and projects operation/management have helped her to fully understand each client school’s needs and requirements. She hopes to use her professional skills and knowledge to help more teachers achieving their career goals.


International Teacher Recruitment Team

Selina Li | International Recruitment Consultant

Selina comes from an education background, having graduated from university with a Physical Education degree. She has seven years of recruitment experience and two years working experience at a language training school. Selina describes herself as very accommodating and easy going. The key areas of her focus are TEFL teacher recruitment and TEFL career guidance.


Sabrina Cheng | International Recruitment Consultant

Sabrina graduated from the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the SPACE Business School of the HK University with majors in Applied Psychology and Organizational HR Management.

She has more than 15 years of HR experience, and has worked across a number of industries, including HR consultancy, Pharmacy, High-tech, internet and education. She is experienced in establishing talent teams that have grown from dozens to hundreds of people, as well as working for a fresh startup company. Her key areas of focus have been staffing and competency model building.

With the rapid development of bilingual schools and international schools in China in the recent years, high numbers of foreign teachers are coming to work in China. Her current role focuses on international teacher recruitment and guidance, assisting teachers to learn about their employment options in China. She hopes she can help teachers to achieve their professional goals through her past experience and learning.