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About Us

Eurus is a teacher recruitment agency specializing in assessing, up-skilling and placing teachers into bilingual and international schools in China and beyond. Eurus aims to help hard-working, motivated teachers find the most suitable career opportunities. We work with schools, teachers and expert training partners to provide a platform to enhance the employability of our teachers and match them to the schools that require their skillset.

Bilingual Teacher Recruitment &Teacher training service

For our teachers when you register with Eurus you will have access to wide variety of jobs across China and beyond. Our positions cover Kindergarten through to secondary subject teachers and all curricula so that we have coverage for all teachers that engage with us. When you apply for a position your details will be assessed against schools’ criteria and we help to find you a matching position. Our expert consultants can advise you from the application process right through to hopefully signing that offer for the next step on your career path. As your career partner, we give you access to the professional development you need to get hired by the top schools in China and around the world. Schools want to hire teachers who have invested in developing their skills to be the best teachers they can be. All teachers have full access to Eurus’ learning resources, including educational articles, training opportunities and career tools to assist them in enhancing their knowledge of international curricula, improving their teaching skills and increasing their employability.  

Bilingual School & International school Recruitment Service

For our school partners, we offer a fully comprehensive service by assessing and matching teachers with their vacancies. We take time to learn about our clients and use various assessment and testing tools to find teachers that are both suitably qualified and the right fit for the school. When possible, we welcome the opportunity to visit the school campus, meet with the staff and get a feel for the environment so that we can pass on accurate first hand information to our teachers. Our work with schools’ centers around building up a relationship of lasting trust so that they know we are supporting them with accurate referral of teachers.

Our Trainings partners

Working with training partners, Eurus will provide its teachers with access to the most up to date resources, articles, training materials and courses. Eurus training partners offerings fall under three specific areas-Teacher Training and Certification, Language Development and Professional Development. Our partners are experts in their own field and Eurus will only work with established providers who can offer our teachers the highest quality. The delivery of the training varies from online modules to blended learning and face to face courses.